“Coach Luellen and Coach Pratt are world class instructors and she improved every year in all phases of her game. These camps are a must for any junior golfer that wants to play college golf.”
- Doug I Pike Road, AL


"Coach Pratt, I just wanted to tell you thank you for the camp and everything y’all taught me. I really feel like I learned a lot and I had a great time as well. The week I came back from camp I played my best tournament round ever!"

- Hope I Fort Worth, TX


"The Auburn Tiger PreSeason Short Game & Course Management Academy was my first golf camp here at Auburn and the best camp I have been to in a while. Lots of great instruction and a ton of fun."

- Lainey I Blue Ridge, GA


"The Auburn Tiger Golf Camp was a great learning experience and so much fun"

- Brigitte I Auburn, AL


"The PreSeason Short Game & Course Management Academy was a wonderful learning experience and I will definitely come back for more camps and academies."

- Cady I Morganton, GA